Gemstone Bath Sculptures,luxuriously created from billion year old Labradorite Blocks

This unique, never to be repeated, bath sculpture is suitable for three persons both seated and reclining. The bath sculpture is made from an 18.000-kg block of labradorite which will have a net weight of approx. 7.500 kilograms. In addition to labradorite, we could create bath sculptures from other gemstone materials, including: Red Jasper, Golden Matrix, Sodalite and Rose Quartz!

Labradorite is a gemstone of the feldspar family, born of violent volcanic forces and found in Madagascar from where your bath will be sourced. The most outstanding quality of Labradorite is its iridescence resulting in light induced flashes of blue, green, yellow, red and orange colors, caused by the diffraction of light by the layers of the rock.

In addition to this unique effect of labradorescence, labradorite is also thought to be a magical stone that possesses powerful protective properties. It has a healing and spiritual force and is credited with having the ability to bring out the positive in people and calm overactive minds.

Your Gemstone bath sculpture will be made by sculptor; Jan-Carel Koster. This renown Dutch artisanal sculptor specializes in works of wood, stone and gemstones. Jan-Carel creates abstract and organic objects; creating a bridge between nature, science and skills, with references to physical and mental environment and experience.

Overall, this once in a lifetime Labradorite Masterpiece, made by Jan-Carel Koster, will bring beauty, harmony and positive energy into your space.

Gemstone Bath Sculptures, luxuriously created from Block of Labradorite of billion years